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Super Pale Malt

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This exceptionally pale malt is ideal for brewers looking to create the palest ales possible while still retaining sufficient body to ensure a full mouthfeel. Super pale has been created with two main points in mind: As low a colour as possible and the ability to pair really well with hops. By using a specifically developed combination of germination and kilning profiles, this malt achieves a full flavour profile, very akin to an Extra Pale Ale Malt, whilst only developing two-thirds of its colour. 


The light colour and clean flavour profile of Super Pale Ale Malt lend themselves to multiple beer styles. Using this exceptional malt, brewers can create extremely low colour beer with reddish and copper hues, a characteristic which also lends itself to the creation of vibrantly coloured fruit-beers. Here, the low colour of the malt allows the colour of the selected fruit of choice to really shine through. Super Pale Ale Malt is our lightest pale malt, and is ideally suited for IPA, bitter, golden ales, and light beers. 

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