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Dylan Krzywonski






Hop Havoc founder, Dylan Krzywonski, opened the digital doors on Hop Havoc ahead of the 2015 harvest. As the former COO at Organarchy Hops (America’s 1st USDA Certified Organic Hop farm East of the Mississippi), Krzywonski’s background spans over 10 years in hop production, supply chain, management and consulting.

With an incredible team and Dylan at the helm, Hop Havoc has grown into a versatile supplier of hops, purees, xdans adjujnct brewing ingredients, bridging relationships directly with farms and suppliers throughout the world. Our warehouse located in Williamsport, MD focuses on speedy fulfillment and a keen focus on customer service.

When not at Hop Havoc, Dylan is tirelessly focused on his little girl, Addie, wife, and three hop hounds, Comet, Rillo, and Zeus. He is an avid whiskey drinker and thrives putting in hours outside on their 35-acre farm. His favorite beers are big body stouts.

Amanda McCoy






Amanda focuses on Hop Havoc’s marketing and press initiatives spanning web, social, and print. She brings a creative eye to campaigns throughout the year and leads the email and content strategy, enhance brand recognition, and help spread the word on Hop Havoc.

Amanda and Dylan’s daughter Addie keeps them both busy when not focusing on business strategy and growth. She has been large scale event planning for over 15 years and assists in running the duos event venue, Ninety Thirty at Rockland Estate.

Amanda’s favorite beer is a fruity sour– but she’ll take wine when she can get her hands on it.

Pam Bushey






Pam is the resident Hop Slinger at Hop Havoc. A true jack-of-all-trades that has been a part of the team since year one. She’s the friendly face behind customer inquiries and supports the daily operations of the business. Her expertise, attention to detail, and genuine love for this industry and Hop Havoc shines through daily.

Pam joined Havoc with an animal science background, spending 10 years working at an Emergency Animal Hospital before making a career change. She soon realized her love for plants and started growing hops for her husband’s homebrew.

When she’s not contemplating the synchronistic events of life you can find her outside in the dirt or pursuing her side hustle with her husband making craft beer hot sauces (Hopzingers! Check them out.)

Pam loves the comradery that goes along with this community and how close-knit people are, it really is a small, but large family and transcends state lines. She loves the integration of flavor and hops that make up IPAs and Hazy IPAS and enjoy anything that’s hop forward.

Kenny Walker






Kenny is your go-to for all things shipping and beyond. Managing the day-to-day of the freight coming in and going out, Kenny ensures every box makes it out the door on-time. Tracking inbound and outbound freight daily, answering questions about specific shipments, and ensuring our speedy shipping stays on track is just a small part of the big job he does for Havoc.

Kenny joined the industry when one of his friends got him hooked on homebrewing nearly a decade ago. “I already liked beer, but I loved learning about new hops and adjusting recipes to try out different varieties and blends”. When he saw an opening at Hop Havoc, he jumped at the opportunity.

His love of beer has gotten him into running in his free time: even being a part of a super cool running club that meets at a different brewery or bar each week. Recovering from a few miles is so much more enjoyable with a good beer!

Kenny loves how collaborative the industry is. So many people working to help each other out and support each other instead of fighting and bickering over whose brews are the best.

He’s a sucker for sours and saisons with a hefty dry hop.

Dalton Heefner






Dalton manages the packing of our customer orders daily at Hop Havoc. He ensures every box is packed with top quality standards across all product lines. His expertise and attention to detail ensures brew ingredients ship throughout the world – with precision and ease. A true warehouse ninja, Dalton is the master of packing from start to finish.

Dalton’s background is a true craft beer enthusiast turned warehouse extraordinaire. He quickly found a love for homebrewing and spent some time working at a local craft beer store. Dalton love’s that the brewing industry/community has the ability to take raw ingredients and transform them into a complex product. Beer breeds growth!

His favorite beers to drink are: Spontaneous fermented ales and Barrel aged beers. But his daily drinkers are crispy bois and IPAs.

Ben Little






Ben calls the DC area home and has lived within a couple hours of it for his entire life. His experience includes retail management jobs within marketing driven, high visibility entities, sprinkled in with a few runs in the trades. Over a decade ago, Ben jumped into the beer industry selling beer for the craft division of a large beer distributor in Baltimore. He's since sold beer for a top 50 volume brewery as their backyard rep, brewed at a small brewpub, helped start up a production driven farm brewery and built another brewpub from the ground up.

While not at work or traveling for work, you'll generally find him laying low. Enjoying the outdoors, drinking margs (or cheap beer) or spending time with friends and family are some of his favorite pastimes. Ben also enjoy' s refining his craft as a brewer; learning as much as possible - all of the time.

"There's a ton of amazing folks in this industry who give me inspiration and fuel my desire to grow to be the best brewer I can be, while at the same time doing all I can to promote our industry to ever growing levels." – Ben Little