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RBR High Side - Light Blend - Whole Bean Coffee

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When a rafting guide yell's "high side" everyone maneuvers to balance the boat and stay afloat because when this technique is deployed it means you are in for a quick wild ride. This coffee pays homage to balance and that quick wild ride. With a slick, clean and juicy body that is followed with a balanced but bright acidity, this coffee doesn't linger and finishes clean just like a well executed high side.


Here's What Our Customers Say -


“We've tried a lot of different coffee in our beers and every time we come back to River Bottom Roasters.  It's super tasty and Craig and his team are super awesome to work with!”

-Garrett Chambers, Cushwa Brewing

"I cannot express how much RBR has changed the way we think about coffee ! Craig and his staff have gone above and beyond providing knowledge and opening our eyes on the many ways coffee can be used within the beer scene . We have been using Bali and Ethiopian Natural in our signature Stout "Fight Milk"  <3. Much love to the RBR crew!"

-Stephen Perez, Homaide Brewing