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Hop Havoc is here to supply small breweries with premium hops at affordable prices. We recognize how independent beer production has grown stronger in the United States, and we want to help each brewer create a signature taste by providing the hop variety they need. You can buy hops by the pound with us, and we guarantee to offer the best price for them.

Middle Point for West and East Coast Brewers

As a hop brokerage, Hop Havoc has access to several unique hop varieties that will give your craft beer styles a certain character. Whether you’re looking to create a hoppy West Coast IPA or a flavor-dominated but still hop-forward East Coast IPA, we can get your preferred hop variety.

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What Our Customers Say

I have bought 3k pounds of puree and it’s been great every time…cheaper shipping than getting from Oregon Fruit on the west coast and your turnaround time from order to arriving is much faster than others. Fruit has been excellent quality too.  Definitely, my go to on fruit.
Havoc purees have been a great new edition to our beers.  Price is great, quality is great, and the end result is as always as expected. I trust that my fruit beers will taste as I intended them using havoc purees.
Hop Havoc - Premium Affordable Hops
We have purchased hops from Hop Havoc numbers of times and found them to be professional and very easy to work with. The hops they’ve provided us with, were in tip top shape.
Outlaw Brewing Company
I just received our first order from you (via Lupulin Exchange) and I wanted to let you know I was super excited it showed up as quickly as it did. It helped me stay on schedule in the brew house. Your website is excellent, and the best part is there is info and the face behind the brand. We are a family run business and it is so important to us to know who we are doing business with and the hop business hasn’t been super personal up to this point.
Spicket River Brewery
Love it! Your boss/company is lucky to have you for sure. Well done!
Wood Ridge Farm Brewery
Less than 24 hours from ordering to received. You guys are awesome!

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