Australia’s Galaxy Hops for Sale

Galaxy hops are exceptionally bright. They combine the aromas and flavors of peach and citrus, with a tropical aftertaste. The flavor profile is all fruit — you won’t get a hint of pine, spice, or floral from it. Adding to this rare feature, the hop is under patent so you cannot simply buy rhizomes to grow on premises.

This highly sought-after hop is found in Australia. But you don’t need to hop a plane to the Land Down Under and find out where to buy Galaxy hops. Hop Havoc can supply you with this popular variety. Put your orders in advance, and we’ll make sure that you have your galaxy hops in time for your next batch.

With a strong citrus and passionfruit character, galaxy hops are popular among West Coast brewers who traditionally opt for hoppy flavors. Its alpha acids are at 11.6% to 16% while beta acids are about 5% to 6.9%. Its pungent fruity aroma comes through in the finished product, which is a characteristic many beer lovers look for in their magical brew.

The following are just some of the beer styles that use galaxy hops:

  • Pales Ales and IPAs
  • Fruit Beers
  • Wheat Beers
  • Wild Ales

We have galaxy hops for sale from 2015, 2016, and 2017—at reasonable prices. Sign up for an account with us, and let’s talk about getting you this sought-after hop variety.

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