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US Elani (YQH-1320) 2023

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This experimental Hop is making its debut in 2022. With a very clean and bright tropical-citrus aroma, this hop is perfect for IPA's or Pale Ales. With notes of Guava, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Mango, Peach and lime, it makes the perfect addition to create a tropical-citrus flavor bomb.  Can stand alone as a single hop addition, but has enormous potential to pair well with many other varieties. 

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What Brewer's are Saying:

"Aroma: Bright and clean, layered with citrus and tropical fruit as well as some spiciness and herbal quality. Complex, not dominated by any single characteristic. "Taste: 1320 lends a distinct sweetness to the beer in the middle. Think mango and pineapple. Bitterness is smooth and refined."

"Overall Impression: A very nice hop! It produced an outstanding single hop beer with layers of aroma and flavor. The refined nature of the hop would lend itself to pairing with a variety of other hops." - Mark Irvin, Head Brewer, Benniditos Brewpub (Spokane, WA)

"Excellent balance of citrus and tropical fruit aromas with some real nice complexity all on its own. The flavor profile we got is really something special. Everything you guys have in the description and more. Lots of layers of citrus, tropical, peach, mimosa, and real nice general spicy 'hoppy-ness' in the finish." - Nick Gagnon, Head Brewer, Thomas Hooker Brewing (Bloomfield, CT)

"YQH-1320 is complex and well-balanced across tropical fruit flavors, especially pineapple, tangerine, and mango. It has some wonderful New Zealand characteristics, and the alpha acid is in the sweet spot for me."

"As the R&D brewer, I create lots of single hop beers. I often find that when we do a single hop, it's usually missing something. With YQH-1320, it's great on its own. Even as a single hop, it checks all the boxes for what people are looking for. I think it will also play well with other hop varieties, but it was definitely great on its own." - Aaron Stueck, Brewery Research & Development Director, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
(Boulder, CO)

"We did a big 7% Smash IPA with local pilsner malt. Genuinely, it's amazing. YQH-1320 is a home run full of dank citrus rind, pine, and ripe white peach flavors. ... Turns out, this new hop is downright delicious." - Nick Rowe, Director of Production and Sales, Booneshine Brewing
(Boone, NC)

"We've got our single-hopped West Coast IPA on tap with 1320. Beer turned out phenomenal."

"YQH-1320 has a really nice, well rounded bouquet and offers some sweet/ripe citrus, guava, mango and light peach. Lemon and tangerine are the dominant citrus notes to me, but without pushing the limits of smelling like Pledge. We're getting some nice floral notes in there, maybe something like fresh jasmine flowers. All in all we are very excited about this hop." - Anthony Tallman, Co-Founder/Head Brewer, Burgeon Beer Co. (Carlsbad, CA)