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US Mosaic CO2 Extract

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Released in 2012 by the Hop Breeding Company, LLC, Mosaic hops feature complex but clean flavor characteristics and are known for their triple-use profile encompassing bittering, flavor and aroma. They have high alpha acids but low cohumulone which makes them pleasantly hoppy, carrying flavors of mango, pine, citrus and herbs and aromas of tropical and stone fruit. Mosaic is the first daughter of Simcoe and Nugget as has been humorously referred to by some as “Citra on steroids”. Mosaic is the daughter of the Simcoe (YCH 14) hop and a Nugget-derived male which had a linage including Tomahawk, Brewers Gold, Early Green, and an unknown variety. It was released to the public in 2012 by the Hop Breeding Company (HBC). Mosaic has quite the complex flavor and aroma profile, which lends to its name. This hop is most noted for its blueberry and tropical aromas, but is also known to have citrus, grassy, pine, spice, tangerine, papaya, rose, earthy, floral (blossoms), and bubble gum descriptors.