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US Belma 2023

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Belma hops are prized for their distinct and pleasant aroma. They are often described as having sweet and fruity notes, with prominent characteristics of strawberries, specifically ripe and juicy strawberries. This fruity quality sets Belma apart from many other hop varieties, making it an intriguing option for brewers looking to impart berry-like aromas to their beers.

The fruity profile can contribute a unique and enjoyable dimension to the beer, particularly in styles where a hint of berry sweetness is desired. Brewers often use Belma hops to create refreshing and fruit-forward ales.

Typically used for aroma additions, providing a delightful fruity bouquet to the beer. They are well-suited for various beer styles, including pale ales, IPAs, and other ales where the strawberry-like aroma and flavor can complement the overall beer profile.

Belma hops have a moderate alpha acid content, which means they can contribute to the beer's bitterness to some extent, but their primary application is in the aroma and flavor aspects.

Offering a different dimension of fruity aroma and flavor compared to more traditional hop varieties. If you're considering experimenting with fruit-forward notes in your beer, Belma hops might be an exciting addition to your brewing repertoire.