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New Hop Alert: Sensory Analysis of YQH-1320


New Hop Alert: Sensory Analysis of YQH-1320

New hops are hitting the market all the time. Some of them do before they get a name and are some of the most exciting to work into brew days and play around with to see what we can coax out of them. One of these newer hops to the market is YQH-1320. We are lucky enough to have gotten a hold of the current crop of this exciting new hop.

Although YQH-1320 hasn’t officially been named yet, it deserves a spot on the brew schedule. Our sensory analysis showed a massive tangerine/clementine presence followed by some pink grapefruit, lime zest and hints of passion fruit. A mildly spicy component shows itself early in the kettle, reminiscent of earlier CTZ crops. Low contact time/low temperature dry hops really allow YQH-1320 to shine, and that’s where the big citrus components really shine and come to the forefront.

YQH-1320 also has great bio-transformative potential. The makeup of this hop allows it to really shine when used in the mash or in the presence of active yeast.  This is where you can really coax out flavors and aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit and guava.

Grab a few boxes of YQH-1320 today. It’s a fun new hop that can really stand on its own and can also equally play well with other hops. It’s fun, fresh and brings flavors and aromas to life that other hops have always promised, but never quite delivered on. 

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