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Get to Know Cashmere!


Get to Know Cashmere!

A relatively new hop variety that was developed in the United States - released in 2013 by Washington State University's breeding program, Cashmere has gained popularity among brewers for their unique aroma profile and versatility.

Classified as a dual-purpose hop, used for both bittering and aroma with a moderate alpha acid content, typically ranging from around 7% to 9%. This provides some bitterness to balance the sweetness of the malt in beer. What sets Cashmere hops apart is their intriguing aroma and flavor characteristics.

Known for imparting a complex blend of fruit, citrus, and herbal notes, Cashmere can exhibit flavors and aromas that include lemon, lime, melon, peach, coconut, and even hints of mint and herbal tea. This diverse range of aromas allows brewers to create beers with unique and interesting profiles.

Cashmere hops can be used in various beer styles, including but not limited to IPAs, Pale Ales, Saisons, and Wheat Beers. They can be used for bittering additions early in the brewing process or added later in the boil or during dry hopping to enhance the hoppy aroma and flavor of the beer.

As with other hop varieties, the specific characteristics of Cashmere hops can vary slightly depending on factors such as growing conditions, harvest timing, and brewing techniques. Brewers often experiment with different hop combinations and usage rates to achieve the desired flavor and aroma profiles in their beers.

Overall, Cashmere hops offer brewers the opportunity to create beers with a unique and captivating aroma, blending citrus, tropical fruit, and herbal notes. They have become a favored choice for brewers looking to add complexity and depth to their beer recipes.

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