Essential Things You Need to Know About Aseptic Purees

Craft beers brewed from tropical fruits have been growing on craft beer drinkers in recent years. A signature craft beer made from a choice fruit (or two) can give you an edge over other breweries. Aseptic fruit purees can help you produce such specialized brews. The ripe blends and juices can give your drafts the distinct fruit flavors your customers will be looking for.

But what is aseptic puree, and how different is it from standard homemade puree?

Defining Aseptic

Aseptic puree is a variant that has gone through a decontamination process. Aseptic means free from contamination, whether by bacteria, viruses, or any other harmful microorganisms. Unsurprisingly, there’s a vast market for aseptic purees, from homemakers to chefs to brewmasters.

The Aseptic Process

Puree made from real fruit juices and bits is attractive to harmful microorganisms. They are moist and packed with nutrients, sugar, and organic matter on which microorganisms can feed. To get rid of existing bacteria and prevent contamination after packaging, FDA-approved facilities perform the aseptic process.

The puree enters a sterile and hermetically sealed container where it is flash-heated at high temperatures to eliminate unwanted bacteria and microbes. The system cools the puree immediately afterward to keep the product sterile and preserve its consistency, color, and flavor.

Why Choose Aseptic Purees?

Aseptic fruit purees are ideal for brewing craft beers because they are:

  • Flavorful and highly concentrated
  • Guaranteed safe for consumption
  • Ready to use
  • Conveniently packaged and easy to store in bulk
  • Have a stable and relatively long shelf life
  • Readily available

You may opt to buy and process the fruits on your own, but it might cost you more time and resources. You’ll need a reliable fruit supplier, have enough space for pureeing, gather all the necessary tools, and buy freezers to keep the finished product fresh.

You can save time and money by buying aseptic fruit purees for your artisan brews instead. Doing so guarantees that you get the same concentration and flavors every time. More importantly, you can get purees of tropical fruits and other ingredients that are off-season or are native to another state or country. Hop Havoc offers a wide variety of aseptic fruit purees specifically for brewmasters. Browse all available varieties and place your orders on our website.

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