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US Cluster 2023

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US Cluster Hops are known for their distinct and traditional aroma. They offer a moderately intense floral and herbal character with some spicy and earthy notes. The aroma is often described as slightly woody, giving it a unique profile that sets it apart from other American hop varieties.

In terms of flavor, US Cluster Hops impart a well-rounded taste profile. The flavors include elements of floral, herbal, and a subtle spiciness, making them versatile for various beer styles. The moderate alpha acid content also allows for effective bittering without overwhelming the beer's overall flavor.

Commonly used for both bittering and aroma additions in a wide range of beer styles. They are particularly well-suited for traditional American ales, such as pale ales, porters, and stouts. Due to their balanced nature, they can also be used in combination with other hop varieties to achieve specific flavor and aroma profiles.

A versatile and historic American hop variety, prized for their well-balanced floral, herbal, and slightly spicy characteristics. Brewers often turn to Cluster Hops when aiming to create beers with a touch of tradition and a flavor profile that nods to the roots of American brewing.