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Torrefied Wheat

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Adding torrefied wheat to a brew at 2-5% is a well known and reliable way of adding a complex protein matrix to your beer whilst maintaining stable head formation and retention. With the rise of the NEIPA, hazy and smooth beer is becoming more popular. We thought it would be really interesting to try out our torrefied wheat in a NEIPA and it worked really well. At an inclusion of 15- 20% we achieved a stable haze and a solid mouthfeel that pair perfectly with a citrussy hop addition. 

We also tried 50% torrefied wheat in a typical wheat beer recipe which produced a more cereal and grain forward taste making a refreshing summer wheat beer. 


Suitable for all beer styles. Ideal for mouthfeel and head retention. We recommend trying out a high inclusion of torrefied wheat 10-15% to add a smooth mouthfeel and give a stable haze to your beers. 

Typical Analysis: