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Pale Craft Malt

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Craft is a winter barley variety taking the place of Venture in the Muntons range and is a natural replacement for other winter varieties such as Pearl and Halcyon. Craft Pale has the most malt-forward flavour profile of all Muntons pale malts and produces a smooth and sweet wort with notes of toffee and strawberry. 


Craft is an excellent choice for malty and high-alcohol beers like old ale, strong ales, barley wine, American and British-style amber ales, porters, or stouts. In New England IPAs where a superior malt backbone is desired, Craft is a great choice. Craft’s underlying flavour pairs nicely with London III and Vermont Ale yeasts. It works exceedingly well in malt-forward Blonde Ales that are popular with drinkers new to craft beer. Use this malt with light-coloured specialty malts like Amber Malt and/or Caramalt 30 in a beer with less than 25 IBUs to make an approachable, entry-level Blonde Ale. 

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