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Oat Malt

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Oat is a speciality malt made in our small batch drum maltings. The perfect addition to beers demanding unique and interesting flavour profiles. 

Oat Malt will give the beer typical oat flavours reminiscent of breakfast porridge. The product has high levels of fatty acids which enable this malt to add a fine and stable haze to beers without having to reach for un-malted adjuncts. The protein structure of the oats add a creamy mouthfeel to beers. The strong husk on oat malt enables high inclusions without causing any processing issues. 

Oat Malt is best for breakfast stouts, NEIPAS and other hazy and smooth beer styles. 


The inclusion rates for both of these malts can be up to 50%, taking into consideration that the rest of the grist will need to include high enzyme barley malt to ensure conversion. 

Typical Analysis: