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NZ Waimea 2022

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Waimea Hops, originating from New Zealand, have gained recognition for their distinctive flavor and aroma characteristics. Renowned for a bold and zesty profile, Waimea Hops contribute notes of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit to brewed creations. The intense and pungent aroma, often likened to fresh pine needles, adds a sensory dimension to the beer-drinking experience. With a moderate to high alpha acid content, Waimea Hops offer versatility in both bittering and flavoring applications, making them suitable for various beer styles. The hop's unique terroir, shaped by New Zealand's climate and soil conditions, plays a role in crafting its individuality.

Brewers appreciate the flexibility of Waimea Hops, allowing for experimentation and creativity in the brewing process. Whether used in pale ales, IPAs, or other beer styles, Waimea Hops stand out for their ability to impart a Kiwi twist to brews. Suitable for late boil additions and dry hopping, Waimea Hops provide craft brewers with the means to create vibrant and exciting beer profiles. Embrace the bold flavors and aromatic richness of Waimea Hops to elevate your brewing endeavors with a touch of New Zealand's brewing excellence.