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Mild Malt

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Muntons has been making the finest malts for 100 years, and during that time beer styles have come and gone. One beer style we are particularly happy to see return is the traditional British Mild. The return to fashion of this classic beer style has meant that we could once again make a mild ale malt confident of interest from the market. Our Mild Malt is made from British winter barley, which makes it very consistent and reliable. The germination and kilning profiles are adjusted to create a malt which will bring increased sweetness and body in the beer, ideal for brewers aiming to reproduce this historically significant beer. It is the slightly decreased fermentability of our Mild Malt, which imparts this more malty and sweet flavour. 


Mild Malt is a great base material for no and low alcohol beer. Also, when used in conjunction with our Cara Malt 10 and our innovative new Muntons Sour Malt Extract, we were able to develop a perfectly balanced and very drinkable 0.5% ABV Ale. Muntons Mild Malt is ideal for mild ales, stouts and porters. It is slightly sweeter than pale malt and safe to use with high ratios of adjuncts. 

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