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Flexible Contracts with No Minimums that Boost Your Bottom Line

Let's face it. The brewing industry is changing as quickly as customer demands are. It's never been more essential to control your costs. Enter SpotTracts. A new program exclusive to Havoc Brew Supply.

SpotTracts Perks & Conditions

1. If our spot price falls below your contracted price on any variety, we will automatically adjust your contract to reflect the current spot price. If spot prices rise, your contract is adjusted back to your contract price.

2. Get the peace of mind knowing you will never be over budget on your hop purchases.

3. 10% guaranteed buyback on over contracted hops. Have an unexpected change in production? Did you drop a beer from your core lineup? No problemo, we offer a 10% buyback guarantee if you become over contracted and will work with you to reposition anything beyond 10%.

4. Flexible One-Year, Two-Year, and Three-Year contracts available.

5. 20% discount on all shipping and freight cost to you for all contract shipments with no minimums.

6. No minimum contract volume requirements.

7. Lot Selection available! Can’t make it to Yakima or Idaho? We’ll send brewers cuts to you!

8. No Deposits

9. No Storage Fees

10. All SpotTract contract holders receive an automatic 5% discount on all Malt, Puree, and Cleaning Supplies.

Ready to Get Your SpotTract Going? Contact Us Today.

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