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Fruit Purees Perfect for Home Brewed Beer


Fruit Purees Perfect for Home Brewed Beer

Even the best-tasting brews get a little predictable over time. So, leave the same tastes and textures you’ve gotten accustomed to for a little while. Introduce your palate to something new, fun, and exciting; cook up something fresh like home-brewed fruit beer.

The drink combines the round, rich taste characteristic of beer with the sweetness of fruits like mango-flavored purees or fresh guavas at the peak of their ripeness.

Among home brewers, the most popular fruits used for beers are cherries and raspberries. No doubt, these will make outstanding fruit beers, but Hop Havoc dares you to venture a little further from your comfort zone — try out these three fruits the next time you brew. You’ll thank us for it.


Mango is the epitome of what a tropical fruit should be, which is why it seems like an odd choice to partner it with beer. In fact, a few decades ago, nobody would have thought of combining them. But, tastes change, and people want something new. Drinkers now look beyond the traditional piney and bitter flavor profile and aim for the sweet and novel, too.

Mango purees give the beer a certain sweetness, which cuts through the bitterness of the hops. This makes beer more palatable to a broader range of drinkers.

Like other tropical fruits, mangoes share a flavor profile with modern American hops. This feature makes them an excellent choice for pale ales. A mango beer is one of the best drinks for a summer party or a poolside get-together.


Pink guava puree isn’t as sweet as its mango counterpart, but it still gives any beer you combine it with a fresh, delightful sweetness. Its flavor and tropical aroma don’t overwhelm the one native to the brew, though; you can still savor a tart bitterness in the end product. Guava beers strike a serious balance between disparate characteristics, especially when brewed in pale, crystal, and pilsner malts, resulting in a complex but fun drink.

Brewers also love the look of pink guava beer. We know that the look of the beer comes second to its taste, but we can’t deny that a fruity-looking beer only solidifies its quirky appeal. Guava puree lends the beer a pinkish hue, which is such a refreshing change to your usual golden browns.


basket full of berries

The sweet flavor of blackberries works well with the mild taste of wheat beers, such as Belgian whites and Hefeweizen. Blackberry puree also works with rich beers with smoky flavors, like porter and stout. It has a complex flavor profile, which complements the already deep flavor of the hops.

Moreover, blackberry beer sports a plumy ruby color; it is more intense than that of pink guava. You’ll enjoy sharing this sophisticated drink with your pals over stories and cheese.

Choose a Good Puree

No matter how novel a fruit is, if you work with subpar purees, you won’t get your desired flavor. It’s essential to choose a quality puree, which will integrate with the brew’s natural taste perfectly.

Hop Havoc takes pride in our excellent fruit purees, which we produce especially for this purpose. Our selection includes one-of-a-kind choices like Banana and Passion Fruit, Blackberry, Cape Gooseberry, Guava, Mango, Naranjilla, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, and Soursop.

We harvest fruits at the right time, ensuring peak ripeness. There’s no room for delay; we immediately remove the seeds and skin and place the fruits in aseptic bags, where they are cooled until they reach aseptic temperatures. Then the fruits undergo a microbial evaluation to ensure that they are perfect for brewing.

You won’t go wrong with fruit purees from Hop Havoc. Get in touch today.

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