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Balancing Cranberry In Your Holiday Beers


Balancing Cranberry In Your Holiday Beers

Cranberry is pretty much the ultimate holiday puree. It branches across the entire season and is much more versatile than you’d ever expect. They are quite tart, but very bright at the same time.

In the landscape of beer today, the most obvious use is in various fruited sours, both traditional and newer age ones. In traditional mixed fermentations, cranberry can really add complexity and tartness to base beers that don’t carry the sour/TA that you may have hoped for. In new age quicker sours, it’s easy to have cranberry take over. Be sure to balance it out with sweeter things like vanilla and apple puree. It also works super well with sweeter berries, adding a ton of interest and holiday feels to them.

Another fun way to bring them into beer is by designing beers inspired by cocktails. From fun citrus based Margarita ideas to holiday mules, the options are endless. Even the unstoppable Cosmopolitan will forever bring inspiration, pairing sweet orange and cranberry with a touch of lime. I love adding a little bit of blood orange to the mix to add just a slight bridge between the primary flavors.
Let cranberry drive your inspiration to making holiday themed concoctions that bend the senses and bring the festive. The possibilities are endless if you let creativity run free. Grab a few boxes today and have a little fun with it!

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