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4 Flavorful Craft Beers With Less Than a Hundred Calories


4 Flavorful Craft Beers With Less Than a Hundred Calories

You’ve heard of beer gut, right? Well, it should come as no surprise to beer drinkers that the calories they chug down are going to end up somewhere. Unfortunately, your six-pack beer isn’t going to help any with six-pack abs. After all, the primary macronutrient—and therefore the biggest source of calories— in beer is alcohol. What’s more, craft beers are known to have higher ABV or alcohol by volume; so, while healthier for you and decidedly more flavorful, craft beers are also typically heavier on the calorie count.

Fortunately, these days, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor and taste for lower caloric intake. Although “light” and “lite” beers, such as Bud Light and Miller Lite, still dominate the market, more and more people are turning to craft beers that are lower in calories, but not lacking in flavor.

Below, we’ve listed a few of the best, most flavorful craft beers that have less than a hundred calories per serving.

1. Boulevard Easy Sport Recreation Ale

Easy Sport Recreation Ale from Boulevard Brewing Company is brewed with sea salt, potassium, and magnesium, perfect for electrolyte replacement in people with sporty, active lifestyles. With 4.1 percent ABV, every can has only 99 calories. Don’t worry about this tasting like a bland sports drink, though. The Mandarina Bavaria hops combined with tangerine peel gives it a bright, unique, and refreshing flavor.

2. Jester King Le Petit Prince

Light and refreshing, Jester King’s Le Petit Prince is a low-ABV Belgian-style Saison. Its blend of hops and farmhouse yeast provides a smooth palate. With a 2.9 percent ABV, this fruity, spicy drink only has 75 calories.

3. Kona Kanaha Blonde Ale

Despite its playful “Liquid Aloha” tagline, Kona Kanaha’s blonde ale is actually brewed in New Hampshire. This fizzy and crisp blonde ale has 4.2 percent ABV and only 99 calories, but is full-flavored, with a hint of mango, lending it the tropical island feel. 

4. Lagunitas DayTime IPA

With only 4 percent ABV and 98 calories, DayTime IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company is certainly one for this list. This dry, crisp, and hoppy IPA has the right amount of carbonation, lending it its light feel. This will keep you refreshed with every sip.
Who says staying fit means completely cutting yourself off from the finer drinks in life? With these low-cal craft beers, you can enjoy a bottle or two at night and still feel light enough to hit the gym the next day or to get into your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

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