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  • RBR High Side – Light Blend – Whole Bean Coffee

    When a rafting guide yell’s “high side” everyone maneuvers to balance the boat and stay afloat because when this technique is deployed it means you are in for a quick wild ride. This coffee pays homage to balance and that quick wild ride. With a slick, clean and juicy body that is followed with a balanced…

  • RBR Infusion Collusion – Dark Blend – Whole Bean Coffee

    Emboldened with flavors of the lush green islands of Indonesia, this blend brings the essence of a rainforest while offering a rich decadent body and flavor profile. The natural nuances and roast profile chosen for this bean bring out notes of smoke, molasses, and vanilla. Organic environmentally friendly growing practices alongside ethical sourcing methods allow this…

  • RBR Wake Maker – Medium Blend – Whole Bean Coffee

    Many Central and South America coffee beans are known for their chocolatey aroma and nuance while hinting at cane sugar and almond. We paired this super tasty bean with the best of Africa to add a hint of berry and brightness to the cup. The roast profile and approach from craft coffee roaster V. Craig…

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