What Is Hop Havoc?

Who We Are

Hop Havoc Founder, Dylan Krzywonski opened the digital doors just ahead of this year’s harvest. As the former COO at Organarchy Hops, Krzywonski’s background spans over 5 years in hop yard consulting, management, and brokerage.

“The more brewers I spoke with in this area, I realized they all had the same challenge. Certain hop varieties were impossible to find, and when brewers could get their hands on them they were paying an extra $1-$2 per pound for shipping. As a result smaller brewers were paying on average 20%-30% more for their hops. Hop Havoc has quickly become the solution for this problem. We are opening the door for Mid-Atlantic breweries to purchase unique varieties without cutting into their bottom line.”

Hop Havoc is on course to be the premier Mid-Atlantic hop brokerage house. Hop Havoc is specializing in providing unique, in-demand varieties to small commercial brewers. Specializing in affordable rates on Citra, Cimco, Amarillo, Mosaic, Galaxy, Cascade, Chinook, and more, Hop Havoc bridges the gap between the Pacific North West and East Coast brew boom.

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