The great lengths we go to appreciate beer – Dave Barry

Dave Barry alaways shared his love for Hops, Brewers, and Beer Supplies

Dave Barry a writer who has a passion for Hops, Brewers, Beer, and Beer Supplies.

Dave Barry, hops, brewer, beer supplies

The writer Dave Barry has always shared his love for Hops, Brewers, and Beer Supplies. Dave Barry once famously wrote the following:

“Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.”

It’s a flippant way of expressing his appreciation for time-honored beverage, but he means it. And he’s not alone. Barry wrote about about a lot of subjects in his long book-, column- and ephemera-writing career, at times documenting the extreme lengths beer-lovers go to protect their brew. Brewers large and small are encouraged to take note: once you have your hops and other beer supplies in line, all you need to do to get a following is tap into the near fanaticism of beer enthusiasts.

In a column printed in the early 2000s, Barry told the story of a New Zealand man who devised a jet engine-fueled apparatus to rapidly cool his beer. Apparently, all it takes to achieve a nine degree drop in beer temperature is a jet engine, a fuel tank and a tub, nevermind the deafening roar caused by a jet engine. I suppose the beer likely helps mitigate that problem.

Silly anecdotes aside, your customers are likely very loyal to your particular brew, particularly if you’re a homebrewer with a hard-won audience, or a craft operation who’s put endless time and energy into honing the perfect recipe. In both cases, the last thing you want is for your hop supplier to lose access to your preferred variety. Or even worse, to jack up the price because of high demand.

We know that pain and are here to help: Hop Havoc offers guaranteed best pricing on a plethora of varieties, including Simcoe Organic from 2016’s crop year. Simcoe, additional varieties and other beer supplies can be found on our store page,

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